Thursday, 7 April 2011

Little Venice, April 7th : Parole Parlate

This regular event at Little Venice in Worcester is gaining more momentum every month.  Tonight there was a splendid line-up including the current Birmingham Poet Laureate, Roy Macfarlane; Worcestershire Young Poet Laureate, Laura Dedicoat; runner up Worcestershire Young Poet Laureate, Beth Edwards; past Birmingham Poet Laureate, Giovanni "Spoz" Esposito and another past Birmingham Poet Laureate, Julie Boden, who was having a busman's holiday.

David Calcutt (of "Bugged" fame) had us perched on the edge of our seats with his tale of a tortured knight, Spoz gave us a high tech gizmo as well as some great poetry, and Roy took us on both a tour of the Midlands and a political round-up - rousing stuff.  The youngsters, Laura and Beth, gave us something to think about and performed with great confidence - it will be a pleasure to follow them as they progress on their literary journey. Amanda Bonnick, Neil Richards, Caroline Ferguson and Ddotti Bluebell got the audience nicely in the mood for the "guest" poets and this is certainly an event which is going from strength to strength.  Next Parole Parlate, May 5th .... make a note in your diary.

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