Monday, 25 April 2011


I used to think that time raced by much more quickly as one got older.  However, I now think that we are all in the same time zone.  My children tell me that their weekends fly by, that their children grow as they look at them, and Christmas seems like last week. As I now shuffle my way towards the top of the deck of cards which is life, I wonder about where time went.  Of course, I have the material verification of what has taken place over the decades and also memories (mainly jogged by photos I hasten to add), but where has time gone?  I don't mean this as a maudlin thought more a "blimey, how did I get here, now, and with grey hair?" Plus that irritating other question "where did all this additional weight come from?"  A meditative mood is not for me today though, things to write - too many things to write - people to see as they say, but most of all I am still here to do them whether time races by or just meanders at a comfortable pace.

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