Saturday, 30 April 2011


Jo Bell's workshop - Lydbrook
What an interesting month!  I had a personal birthday; a child's birthday; a wedding anniversary;
  • two writing courses - one just outside Hereford (Jo Bell - excellent - she is doing a joint one with Bohdan Piasecki, he of the now famous Hit the Ode, on September 3rd and 4th in Lydbrook, Herefordshire) 
  • and the other on-line;
  • one workshop - Mark Neil - very good ) - part of the WLF events - see their website for details of future Learn, Eat Perform workshops) 
  • and the NaPoWriMo challenge - catch up with Heather Wastie on Radio Wildfire on Monday next.. 
  • I still manged to cook a few meals for my husband, at least I think it was my husband, I haven't met up with him for a while!;
  • performed in two plays; attended one rehearsal;
  • audience participated at the up and coming "jewel in Worcester" - Little Venice (next event Thursday, May 5th);
  • went to the theatre - Swan Theatre, Hello Dolly;
  • went to the NIA - Peter Kay;
  • guested at the Birmingham Library Theatre with Roy Macfarlane's Mother' Day celebration (watch out for his Fathers' Day special in June);
  • got my haircut and put a few plants in the garden.
Oh, and I went uniform shopping for my youngest granddaughter.  Goodness only knows how I would have made time for all these events if I had paid work!

Unfortunately, I ran out of steam for the Much Wenlock Festival which I am sure would have been brilliant with Spoz & Co. running the Slam.  Congratulations to my mate Emma Purshouse who won.  I also missed out on Hit the Ode which is obviously going from strength to strength and, from what I hear, the open mic section is rivalling the headliners - how's that for measuring success!

I am delighted to see that so many of my friends and colleagues are now publicising all kinds of events of interest to us arty types and am also thrilled to see a couple of us "oldies" venturing into the realms of cyber space.  I am particularly pleased to read the blog of my friend Marcus Moore, a blog I certainly recommend to all discerning readers.  If you want up-beat nostalgia, witty and dry observations mingled with a generous helping of mischief, or just plain old-fashioned good writing Marcus is your man.

Next month sees me and a friend (not my husband, he doesn't know a dandelion from a dinasaur), as invited guests to a QVC day out.  (QVC being the shopping channel which French and Saunders made famous!  Actually, it is rather good).  Although my garden is the size of a postage stamp according to one of my sons-in-law, I spend a fortune on it and have been rewarded by a champagne lunch and a trip around some beautiful gardens. 

But for now I have "homework" to do for my internet course and feel I have earned a mid-day drink in my postage stamp garden.

Monday, 25 April 2011


I used to think that time raced by much more quickly as one got older.  However, I now think that we are all in the same time zone.  My children tell me that their weekends fly by, that their children grow as they look at them, and Christmas seems like last week. As I now shuffle my way towards the top of the deck of cards which is life, I wonder about where time went.  Of course, I have the material verification of what has taken place over the decades and also memories (mainly jogged by photos I hasten to add), but where has time gone?  I don't mean this as a maudlin thought more a "blimey, how did I get here, now, and with grey hair?" Plus that irritating other question "where did all this additional weight come from?"  A meditative mood is not for me today though, things to write - too many things to write - people to see as they say, but most of all I am still here to do them whether time races by or just meanders at a comfortable pace.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Lydbrook Workshop with Jo Bell

How do you fancy spending a day by the river with the sun at your back and poets surrounding you?  Plus freshly made scones and copious amounts of tea and coffee to stimulate the senses whilst being guided through the joys of writing by none other than Jo Bell.  Poetry heaven came to Lydbrook (Herefordshire -nearly into Wales) and I was there.  Excellent company, good food (and wine) and a few muses came for good measure.  Same again on September 3rd and 4th for any of you out there who might be interested but this time Jo is joining forces with Bohdan Piasecki from Apples & Snakes.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Little Venice, April 7th : Parole Parlate

This regular event at Little Venice in Worcester is gaining more momentum every month.  Tonight there was a splendid line-up including the current Birmingham Poet Laureate, Roy Macfarlane; Worcestershire Young Poet Laureate, Laura Dedicoat; runner up Worcestershire Young Poet Laureate, Beth Edwards; past Birmingham Poet Laureate, Giovanni "Spoz" Esposito and another past Birmingham Poet Laureate, Julie Boden, who was having a busman's holiday.

David Calcutt (of "Bugged" fame) had us perched on the edge of our seats with his tale of a tortured knight, Spoz gave us a high tech gizmo as well as some great poetry, and Roy took us on both a tour of the Midlands and a political round-up - rousing stuff.  The youngsters, Laura and Beth, gave us something to think about and performed with great confidence - it will be a pleasure to follow them as they progress on their literary journey. Amanda Bonnick, Neil Richards, Caroline Ferguson and Ddotti Bluebell got the audience nicely in the mood for the "guest" poets and this is certainly an event which is going from strength to strength.  Next Parole Parlate, May 5th .... make a note in your diary.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Maggie Live!

Finally, I am mixing with those of you who have blogged for ages.  To actually be typing in this box is a major achievement and would never have been possible without Ruth, to whom I am indebted.  I hope you will want to join me now and again and read some of my posts which will let you know of forthcoming events I know about, and places I have been to recently. In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine.