Monday, 5 September 2011

The Decadent Poetry Divas hit Birmingham Artsfest

Four decadent poetry divas will be performing as part of the Birmingham Artsfest on Saturday, September 10th at The Mac, Cannon Hill, Birmingham (4.30.p.m.) and The Club, Broad Street, Birmingham on Sunday, September 11th (12.30.p.m.)  They will be transporting the audience back in time as seen through their eyes to their personal preceding decade.  If you have 25 minutes to remember when Oil of Olay was called Ulay, when Wagon Wheels were twice the size they are now, when pop was delivered to your door and teenagers mixed their own taped music, come and join in our nostalgia. Charlie Jordan, Lorna Meehan, Laura Yates and me would love to transport you back in time and maybe jog one or two personal memories. Go on, you know you want to hear the secrets of "women of a certain age" and we criss cross four decades.  Come and listen.